Mayorga Coffee Roasters

15151 Southlawn Ln
Rockville, MD 20850


After living in the Pacific Northwest, which is the land of hard-core fine coffees, I have been happy to find a few local roasters who are bringing fair trade coffee and cafe craftsmanship to the developing suburban DC culinary wasteland. I found Mayorga roastery by driving past but apparently there really is no secret to this little Rockville gem because I wasn’t the only customer. The roastery sells to the public Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

The coffee is fresh and excellent and the roaster was knowledgeable, laid back, and friendly while I interrogated him on all the different beans. I limited myself to three bags of beans that I have not seen in the grocery store. They sell the “regular” bags you are used to seeing in the store as well as 2-lb bags. I kept telling myself, “They are just right here in Rockville, I can return,” which is how I kept myself limited to three bags.

The roaster told me that they they are moving not too far this spring and will have a viewing area for customers to observe the coffee roasting, which should be fun. There are several roasts of beans available that can be hard to find. Who knew the Galapagos grows coffee? Not my brother from Seattle. Hah!

Also, the coffee bean industry in general is shockingly brutal to the farmers, so I feel compelled to support roasters who make the effort to obtain fair trade, organic beans. If you care about the farmers who struggle to make quality coffee and if you want delicious, really fresh roasted beans, then you will be happy you stopped for a visit.

This is not the place for you if you love Dunkin Donuts coffee or if you are looking for cheap coffee.