Duck’s Cottage

1240 Duck Rd
Kitty Hawk, NC 27949

Nearly perfect setting and ambiance coupled with a pleasant attitude from the employees, an eclectic collection of books to read/purchase and the best cappuccino foam I’ve found to date.

It’s a quaint cottage (true to the name) as the hub of a small collection of local retail outfitters and some fantastic eateries. Duck’s Cottage offers a quiet ducksrespite for the weary shopper to receive a caffeine infusion for a pick-me-up or just a quiet corner in which to read and reflect if shopping is not your gig. I pulled the combination of imbibing in their coffee creation as well as enjoying the cinnamon coffee cake muffin while reading my book (Seveneves if you’re curious).

The front porch is inviting with its ample wooden seats and view of the shops. Just around the corner is a wooden bridge crossing a duck and turtle pond to add some natural beauty to an otherwise sterile shopping experience. If you wish to sit inside, there is a small, Rattan, love seat and a few sparse chairs with small tables… all of which have a nice view of the pond and bridge. If you are unable to relax in this place, perhaps decaf is a better option than the espresso-based drinks. Seriously though, I was enamored with the cottage and look forward to my return.

Thanks for keeping the Indy book shop alive and well.