Crave Coffee Bar

4530 E Broadway
Tucson, AZ 85711


I am the kind of girl who loves good, strong coffee.  I like my coffee either black or with a splash of milk, and I like for my coffee to kick my butt a little bit.  Crave has achieved this.

I went with three friends to get some Rave Coffee, that was so delicious, before a day of adventuring, and all four of us got coffee for less than one of our breakfasts at Starbucks,   It was just under $15 dollars for a large coffee with milk, a medium iced tea, a large caramel macchiato and a large black and white mocha.  Can you say deal?

We all tried each others..well…nobody wanted to try mine, but I tried everybody’s.  All of the drinks were really delicious (of course mine was the best), and made with care.  It was obvious that the people who put our drinks together knew what they were doing and enjoy what they do.  You could taste the love. Have you ever had a similar experience? Tell me about it at

You could also taste the caffeine!  Oh my goodness!  Halfway through my coffee I started talking a mile a minute and generally being hyper.  This is astonishing for me, especially with coffee I got out of a window.  Now that I know this place exists, and that the coffee is awesome, and that it is was less expensive then *ahem* other places, I feel that this will become my new go-to coffee house.